Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brinton's 4!

I meant to do this yesterday(B's actual bday) but my internet was down. It's back up and running so here goes. I can't believe you're already 4 - wow how the time flew. You have blessed our lives and our family more than words can express. You are so thoughtful and caring of others, you sympathize for those around you, you love playing with your friends and get your feelings hurt pretty easily if someone doesn't want to play with you. You are sensitive in many ways which helps you be aware of other's around you. You are very sweet to your sisters - you are such a big helper! You are so easily pleased and like to please others. I love listening you sing (especially one of your favorite songs "hallelujah, the Lord is great!") Your prayers are getting longer and more your very own.
Brinton, we love you very much and are so glad you are our son! Happy 4th bday!


Bekki said...

Happy Birthday B! I can't believe its been FOUR years, either!! Such a huge blessing!! XOXO
For some reason I will never forget where I was when I found out he was born. In a La Quinta in San Angelo for some vet mtg. Why in the world do I remember that?!
(I heard you hated the movie, Twilight! Woohoo! Makes me happy.)

Kimberly said...

We love our nephew!! He has been a blessing to so many people! What a great little boy!!

The Perkins Family said...

Every time I check your blog, I see that "Brinton's 4". So, is he gonna be 5 before you post again?!! Ha, ha! (you know I'm just kidding around)