Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brinton's 4!

I meant to do this yesterday(B's actual bday) but my internet was down. It's back up and running so here goes. I can't believe you're already 4 - wow how the time flew. You have blessed our lives and our family more than words can express. You are so thoughtful and caring of others, you sympathize for those around you, you love playing with your friends and get your feelings hurt pretty easily if someone doesn't want to play with you. You are sensitive in many ways which helps you be aware of other's around you. You are very sweet to your sisters - you are such a big helper! You are so easily pleased and like to please others. I love listening you sing (especially one of your favorite songs "hallelujah, the Lord is great!") Your prayers are getting longer and more your very own.
Brinton, we love you very much and are so glad you are our son! Happy 4th bday!

Monday, July 27, 2009


A few hours ago, my mom, Brinton, Lucy and my niece, Nikki, pulled out of our driveway headed to Marshall!!! What have I done? It was sort of sad to see them go (I didn't think it would be as sad) We were putting them in their car seats hugging, kissing them and telling them to behave, etc. When Devan finished telling B bye he came around to Lucy and as I was telling B bye he said maybe I'll just stay home (with these little tears in his eyes). But you've been so excited about going to Mimi's, I told him. I think he realized he wouldn't see us for a few days and then just got sad. I talked to him a few minutes and then he was fine. (I knew how much he wanted to go and he loves his Mimi!) Lucy never shed a tear or even looked worried at all. She kept saying, bye momma, bye daddy, bye Macy and was just a smiling. They were both ready to go! I talked to my niece a little while ago and all is well! I'll go pick them up on Thursday... (I actually had some time to do a couple of new posts below :)Now - what to do?! ha


Sweet Macy -I really haven't posted much about just you and what you've been up to in your short life :) So let's play a little catch up. Let's start with a few milestones so mommy can remember them for later.
Rolling over - 3 months
back to tummy - 3 1/2 months
sitting up - 5 months with assistance, now at six months you can sit up but sometimes you flop forward or backward and we have to catch you :)
2 teeth - you git you bottom teeth in the same week - June 15th/19th
You babble, coo mostly at your brother and he also is the one who makes you laugh the most.
You stare at your sister when she talks to you - she's so sweet to you.
You're a pretty good sleeper still. You wake up around 6ish - eat - and will usually sleep til 9 or so.
You LOVE the bath, snuggling, and your momma - if you see her, then that's all you want! But she loves it...(most of the time:)
You light up when you're daddy comes home and talks to you.
You are content and happy almost all the time.
We love you, Macy Leeann! We are thankful for you! (and mommy will try to write more about you later...)

After my bath time
Macy and Lucy in the morning -
my daddy put me in here and couldn't resist the picture
Random finger painting pics

Sea World Fun

We ventured out to Sea World (yes we know how hot it is) a couple of weeks ago and had a blast! We went with the 3 Vandygriff girlies and the 5 of us! The kids did great and Macy slept pretty well in the stroller. Since it was so hot, we watched a lot of the shows and kept pretty cool for the majority of the time. The kids loved Shamu (which is where we went first - so disappointing that B says the name right now, last year is was Shampoo). Lucy clapped for them and kept calling his name (I guess that's supposed to be a boy name). They feed the sea lions (Brinton fed them last year, but didn't want to touch the fish to throw in the pool this time...) and loved playing in the water and running around. We all had a good time! We are so thankful for our good friends who took us and helped us with the kiddos!
Brinton and Lindsay riding the Shamu coaster
I was surprised he got on - when I rode it with him later he told me,
"It was a little scary and a little fun, but I like it."

Lucy playing in the waterWatching Shamu

Lu holding Macy's hand at the show - too sweet
clapping and saying, yea, Shamu!

Macy and daddy
With the birds

Lu getting a nap in

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 4th!

We went to Buda to celebrate the 4th of July with Melissa's parents. They are always so good to us and cherish their family! They had a slip-n-slide for the kids which they loved - especially Lucy. We had yummy food (the corn tasted sooo yummy and reminded me of the garden corn we used to have when I was a kid:), and then enjoyed the fireworks!
(Sorry for the slow beginning of the slideshow, didn't know it was going to be like that until I was done - and you also have to light the rocket with the match to get it to start...exciting, huh!)

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: 4th of July

Going on a Canoe Ride!

At then end of June, the kids and I went with Melissa and Lindsay V. to Zilker. Lindsay and some of her friends go canoeing there sometimes and thought our kids would enjoy it. So we ventured out on a hot, sunny day to give it a shot. We got the life jackets on everyone, got the kids in the canoe, and away they went. You pay a certain price per hour, so Macy and me found a shady spot under a tree, sat in a chair and watched dogs chase balls in the water and a little boy "fish." And Macy fell asleep at some point and we were sticking together when the canoe gang came back about an hour later. We were all hot and sweaty, but the kids had a great time. They saw turtles and geeses.( They kept trying to explain to Brinton that one is called a goose and more than one are called geese, but he keep saying they saw "geeses.") We ate some lunch and then went on a train ride around the park. We finished off by dipping our feet in the water and then heading home. A hot day but a fun one for sure!

And they're off...

Time for lunch yet - this boat is tasty :)

Cool Mama

Should I JUMP IN...

Cooling down after the ride.
Macy, you should've come too :)

Choo Choo!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Children's Museum/Grandmother's Farm

After the wedding, we stayed in TN about a week. The kids had fun playing with their cousin, Caleb. We went about 30 miles from Nashville to visit Devan's grandmother and the kids just love exploring on the farm. There are old barns, trucks, cows (and their deposits)! She also has a peafowl (peacock is what I call them :) that the kids loved to watch when it dared to show it's face.

We also visited the kids museum one day and they had a blast!

Great-grandmother with her great-grandchildren
Up in the barn
Lucy and daddy
Driving the big truck

Children's Museum

Just had to get Macy in here - especially with her Cardinals shirt!